Refugee Ambassadors

Hola! We are a group of about 80 people with refugee background. We are from around the world but based in The Netherlands.

We are storytellers who share personal, authentic stories and professional experiences related to “worldconflicts”, “refugees” and “diveristy”.

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Would you like to invite a refugee?

Inviting a refugee who can tell an inspiring, authentic and educational story based on their own experiences? We are happy to make the right match for your group / event.

Looking for an ambassador?

We are looking for new ambassadors

Are you a person who likes to share his/hers cultural background, experience and talents in the Dutch society? Are you the bridge between your previous and new society? And what can others learn from your story?

Become an ambassador?

Do you want to support us? Become our friend and donate! On behalf of our community we thank you for your gift!

Who are we?

We are team made of professionals and volunteers who wants to stimulate intercultural dialogue in our society. Our main goal is to provide knowledge and information about diversity by exchanging stories and experiences of people who are part of diversity dynamics.

Our team