Storytelling is an art

We teach you how to voice your thoughts

Clear. Engaging. Powerful.

We all tell stories on a daily base but what makes a story strong and inspiring? In our courses we teach you the basics of storytelling. Our courses trigger students to learn about the barebone of stories, to craft their own one and to tell it in an engaging way. They have a creative flow as we use exercises and energizers from theater-, stand-up comedy, communication and teambuilding workshops. The students will work individually and in groups. They will also peer-coach each other.

After School Courses

10-12 lessons

Each lesson builds up on the previous one and in the end all students will show their result to each other. It is suitable for children from 12 to 18 years. Maximum of participants is 30.

Extended workshops

1 day

In this compact workshop we let your story develop and end with participants sharing a short story. This type of workshop is suitable for teams from 8 to 20 people who wants to strengthen their bonds and get themselves inspired and inspire each other.

Group courses

4 sessions

Sessions last 3 hours and are given on a daily or weekly base. The sessions build upon eachother in order to develop and grow a strong story. In the end participants will present it to each other. Suitable for 21+ individuals, from 6 to max 18 people.